As THE RUSH emerges, here's a ton of things the aspiring king of champs should know.

Rush , a high energy, adrenaline intense reality Tv show that will see 16 young eye candy contestants slug it out at as they set out to compete individually and in groups. The tasks are real, exciting, intensive and sometimes risky.

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In our new world where healthy living has become a necessity for survival  and immunity, The Rush will inspire a large viewing community to make their health a priority. People love extreme and intense sports because it’s human nature to have curiosity about the outcome of such extremes sport and how people can defer the intensity; ‘we enjoy watching others endure the heat of extreme sport”

The Rush would only feature strong, vibrant, and competitive young eye candy individuals ready to push beyond the odds and limits using physical strength, mental stamina, grit & grace.

The premiere of THE RUSH ON GUTS ON DEFIANCE (RUSH ON.G.O.D) is set to kick off Mid-October, 2021 and will run till December, The Rush will air on Popcentral TV Dstv Channel 189, and on the Poppin app.

There are provisions and health policies in place to cover for accidents. Assuredly, challenges have been tested and scrutinized by safety authorities. Protective equipments are available and administered to contestants during every challenge.

The Rush, season One, ..On God! was shot in Lagos, Nigeria by Popcentral TV (a social entertainment television with presence on DSTV CH 189)

Contestants will be in the house for 8 weeks, battling it out every week. There will be weekly eliminations and confrontations spanning from major and minor challenges until a winner emerges.

This is the debut season for the challenge. And The Rush has only one season so far.

The Rush was created by Popcentral TV, DSTV CH 189

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